machines that break themselves

a mechanism [say a bicycle] connected to a body becomes a machine. the machine [rider/bike] connects to terrain, to weather, to climate, training over time. when rider/bike and terrain unsettle, it is the connections themselves that are made different and ways of knowing emerge

a lens mechanism connected to a digital sensor and a processing chip mechanism – uncannily – generate a digital body. absorption is a name for one kind of connection between a body and a digital body. machine [lens/processor/operator] of two kinds of bodies tend to break

body/bike is a machine different to body/digital body. body/digital body or [digital body absorbed into body] is the site of much of our decolonial practice – the sovereign, in a future audience made present by digital body and trained absorption announces how all future connections are to be made. so we unsettle at the level of connection.

Victim Capital and GeologyEcology: Victim Capital II, The McLaughlin Fires, 2018-present. Ongoing research/performance collaboration with international artists (UK, US, Argentina, Colombia)  around devising with the camera and non-hierarchical organizational structures. Iterations of the workshop/collaboration have been held in London at Greenwich University, at The University of  Salford, and The McLaughlin Natural Reserve in Lower Lake, California, and at the site of a ruined farmhouse in Todmorden, England

read the article at this link.

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