Glitch Body & Nanostalgia [1454-2015]*

a migranTech.NO.Art live performance
Directed by Guillermo Gómez-Peña and John Zibell
with Caro Novella, Larry Bogad, Saul Garcia-Lopez & and an ephemeral ensemble of performance artists and dancers

Mexican Performance Artist and Writer Guillermo Gómez-Peña will be in residence at UC Davis to work with theater media maker John Zibell and a group of California-based performance artists on a new performance piece dealing with the effect of new social technologies on the human body, interpersonal relations and fictional memories.

The final performance will be presented at UC Davis’s Art Annex on Saturday April, 18th at 8:00 PM. The event is free and open to the public thanks to the support of the UC Davis Humanities Innovation Lab, and the Mellon Initiative in Digital Culture. John Zibell is a fellow of the Interdisciplinary Frontiers in the Humanities and Arts (IFHA) program.

Come have your aura, your corpus, and your metadata scanned and immortalized on an NSA implemented silicon chip by Gómez-Peña and company wearing Google Glass and Mariachi hats.

This work confronts post-western nomadic bodies with mobile technologies of surveillance and self-curation from moveable type to genetic code and from the grid patterns of stone-age flax-fiber death shrouds from Çatalhöyük to the ubiquitous pixel of Silicon Valley. Join us in Glitchtopia where there’s never a full presence; there’s only auto-voyeurismo and the selfie. Feel your nostalgia for the present, an impossible present. Let’s put on Google Glass and stalk through the streets of glitchtopia. Freedom lies in the glitch. The glitch is not what you think it is; you are what the glitch thinks you are. Let the glitch think you.

Zibell has written about this devised performance:

“In the making since the Gutenberg Bible first shipped via high-speed delivery drone to the [k]New World, this project continues from a hyper-text confrontation/collaboration between performance artist and vato interstitial, Guillermo Gomez-Peña, and myself – a suburban refugee theatre/media maker”

“….being the beautifying part of physick whereby all defects of nature in each of the multiplicitous sexes are hacked and thereby amended, age renewed, youth repeated and all imperfections fairly remedied, modded and re)mediated under the guidance of loving machines and haunted circuitry on loan from the NSA and Google. With many of the most approved physical experiments so far discovered, and many of the most approved wearable devices so far devised so that every several body may be its own apothecary [apo{they}cary]. Never before extant, though long since promised by the most highly esteemed Gomez-Peña, and here produced for stage/street/gallery in Pidgin Glitch, Kupangaxwichem, Guadalupe Creole, and RoboEsperanto in rigorous and chaotic collaboration with mono-lingual,[body]artist and cultural tourist, j.archangelo.zibell 11 November 1454 – 20 April 2015.”

Gomez-Peña has written about this devised performance:

“In the new tech culture there’s never a full presence; there’s only auto-voyeurism and the selfie. In the new tech culture, there’s a nostalgia for the present, an imaginary and impossible present. “We have a word for when your dreams become real. It’s called nightmare.” – Zizek or Lacan? It does not matter anymore. Let’s put on the google glasses and dive into glitchtopia. Nowadays, the only space for freedom is in the glitch or the noise or…”

funded by::

Mellon Research Initiative in Digital Cultures

Colin Milburn and Kriss Ravetto

Associate Director:
Kris Fallon


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