hermia’s dream (2013)

egeus wants his daughter married, cloistered, or dead and uses his considerable political influence toward these ends – this is no ‘light fairy romp’, its a nightmare in which hermia and helena utter not a single word once they’re married

mfa project. 2010. mixed-media adaptation of shakespeare’s midsummer (1st-year M.F.A. director showcase). an 80-minute-long tragicomic nightmare unsettling the phallocentric lacanian trilogy of imaginary, symbolic and real… plus slapstick.

link below goes to a short video used in the piece.

Lysander and Demetrius RT: 1m 8s from John Zibell on Vimeo.

all photos shot by kristine slipson

[professor of design and lead designer on the production, john] iacovelli said. ‘john z started the design process by bringing in some striking images: They were clean and modern, and each had a kinetic energy to them. there was also a translucent quality to them. john has guided us to what I think is a stunning looking production.’

john greer (demetrius), alison sundstrum (helena), matt dunnivan (lysander), john zibell (oberon/camera) and allison minick (hermia).

matt dunnivan (lysander) and allison minick (hermia) dream of escaping court.

john greer as flute/thisbe and matt dunnivan as bottom/pyramus, the court of theseus projected looks on in judgment

bottom alone in the nightmare wood (matt dunnivan)

alison sundstrom as helena, allison minick as hermia and john greer as demetrius

allison minick (peter quince) alison sundstrum (snug the joiner/lion) and john greer (flute the bellows mender/thisbe).

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