john zibell (he.him)

practice as research (PaR) scholarship on image, montage, and the training body

practices include :: directing/devising, writing, and acting [cinema, theatre, performance art]

theoretical points of focus :: the image/event, technicity, traditional knowledge systems [20th century western actor training], the game, virtuality, exhaustion, play

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currently working at the University of Salford. i’m also conducting workshops in collaboration, devising for cinema, theatre games and improvisation as well as in devising for various media


i am currently engaged in a few projects around [1] devising practices for cinema and [2] theorizing co-presence with camera [see my CV]. if our work overlaps and you are interested in collaborating please message me below

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as i revise my dissertation for publication i may post sections of it here as a sort of blog

about me

i trained as an actor and improviser in New York with mike nichols, paul sills and george morrison and many other gifted artist/teachers. i began teaching/coaching actors and improvisers the year i graduated from conservatory

i wrote, directed, and acted in two feature films [some shorts, docs, and industrials] and originated the role of jimmy patraglia in joe roland’s off-broadway play On The Line – produced by nichols

then, i did an mfa – theatre/directing – and a practice as research phd. now i study body practices and camera practices

i’ve collaborated over the years with my dear friend Guillermo Gómez-Peña of la pocha nostra

i’m also a lecturer in film production at the university of salford

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